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In the hospital there are three, interrelated, organizational units:

  • Ambulatory – diagnostic unit – which consists of reception area and outpatients’ department for specialist examinations.
  • The ward – capacity of 10 patients, with additional rooms for preoperative preparation and postoperative care of patients. All rooms are centrally air-conditioned, with TV and wi-fi.
  • Operating – with 2 operating theatres, area for sterilization and preparation, equipped with the latest monitoring and laparoscopic equipment.

The hospital is equipped with central oxygen supply and central air-conditioning.
The hospital has 23 full-time employees: 3 general surgeons, 1 general practitioner, 1 anesthesiologist, 1 urologist, 1 doctor specializing in rengenology, 2 scrub nurses, 1 anesthetist, 8 nurses, 1 Administrative assistant, 1 technical maintenance worker, and 3 maids. 12 consultants also work in the Hospital as well as specialists in various fields, who are all teachers at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad.

Hospital achieves professional cooperation with the Clinical Center of Novi Sad, Institute for Transfusion, Institute of Sremska Kamenica, Hygiene Institute in Novi Sad, as well as numerous private clinics.

All patient rooms are under constant video surveillance. The hospital has its own closed parking.

The hospital has all the necessary equipment for endoscopy – gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, all of which are performed under short-term general anesthesia so that the patient is free of any associated inconveniences that are possible with this type of examination.

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